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External sliding door systems are the becoming really popular in the UK market. Their main function is the separation of external and internal environments.

The word door system is used in architecture as a designation for various types of openings such as doors, windows, gates and the like. Sliding door systems are highly requested in projects and construction of houses, flats, residential, commercial or industrial buildings, commercial rooms, hospitals, schools and all environments that require efficient and advantageous rooms.

We focus on delivering quality external aluminium sliding doors and great services to our clients. Our main priority is to supply the finest products to our customers using the latest technology in the industry.

external sliding doors
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Super Slim Sightlines...

The advanced aluminium frame reduces the intermediate sight lines to just 20mm - an amazingly slim sight line for sliding doors, which results in an incredible contemporary look. The sleek frame profile remains close to the glass, maintaining a truly slim sight line from all angles.

Advanced Security...

Our sliding door system offers high level of security as standard. With burglar resistance up to RC2.

Superior Weather Performance...

An exceptional weather rating. Watertight, wind-proof with great thermal insulation. U values as low as 0.96 W/(m²K). These doors you can trust will be perfect in all weathers.

external sliding door

Panorama Design

If you want more creative freedom, look no further than our Panorama Design, which gives you more glass than any other sliding door. Large-scale glass areas from the floor to the ceiling with very slim frames characterise these sliding doors which are flush-fitted in the wall, ceiling and floor. Obtrusive thresholds and wide profile face widths are therefore a thing of the past. Despite the generous glass areas, the attractive Panorama Design sliding doors are good at saving energy. The exclusive sliding doors also offer added convenience as required – when automated, they can easily be controlled via a tablet, smartphone or at the touch of a button. Whether automated or manual, the system's increased burglar resistance to resistance class RC2 guarantees secure opening and closing.

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