How much do aluminium doors cost?

An aluminium front door is a great choice for a practical and modern entrance to your home. Here is a quick price guide to give you a guide as to how much aluminium doors actually cost.

So how much does an aluminium door cost? Firstly, this is a really tricky question because when you search for aluminium doors there is an awful lot of choice available and some are not what they seem.  You also have different styles, glazing options and various hardware choices and the supply chain all affect the price you pay.  

That said, you will typically pay anything from £1995 right up to about £8000 for a really good aluminium door. It’s worth noting that this price will largely not include services such as delivery, installation and disposal of the old door, and may also not include elements such as hinges. 

We strongly advise you that you obtain a firm quotation from whoever you buy from and speak to someone about the different options.  Better still have a budget in mind and then ask what sort of door style you can get for that.  

Whether you’re building a home from scratch, renovating an existing property inside and out, or are simply looking to replace an old door to improve your home’s kerb appeal or energy efficiency, an aluminium front door could be the perfect pick for your property. 

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