How aluminium sliding doors can add so much value to your home or business and glide perfectly in all weathers

Sliding doors are an amazing feature for any home or business as they give such a huge range of panoramic vision and allow an incredible amount of light in.

They are also exceptionally easy to use, gliding effortlessly over stainless steel rollers.

Aluminium sliding doors are an instant glass wall, giving you a stunning sense of space and freedom.

The sheer strength of aluminium sliding doors means the frames can be ultra-slim, unlike the far thicker and often unsightly uPVC, allowing even more light in and making them look super sophisticated.

There is also a zero threshold on sliding doors – nothing to step over as you walk in and out -  so you’ll have no trip hazard. That makes them ideal for anyone, especially people with limited mobility or vision, children, or people who use wheelchairs. The tracks simply disappear into the floor and the profiles are concealed within the walls.

This isn’t the case with the far thicker uPVC or wooden bi-fold doors which can also be fiddly and troublesome to open and close. Rain, snow and wet, miserable conditions can cause wood and uPVC to expand making them difficult, if not impossible to open or shut properly.

On the other end of the scale, heat can also cause opening and closing problems too for wooden and uPVC sliding doors.

That’s not the case with top quality aluminium sliding doors from Luxus as it’s such a strong metal it will neither expand nor contract, swell, shrink or warp, leaving you with the perfect slide and glide movement every time no matter if it’s sub zero Arctic-like temperatures in the depths of winter or the blazing heat of the hottest British summer’s day.

Aluminium sliding doors made here in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, by Luxus Doors simply don’t deteriorate and eventually rot like wood or crack like uPVC which are far more brittle materials compared to aluminium.

If you want to open your sliding doors instantly and easily in all weathers with no fuss or bother then aluminium sliding doors are the way to go.

Your aluminium sliding doors from Luxus Doors will keep your heat in as they are fully thermally insulated to a high specification. More glass doesn’t mean they are less energy efficient - it’s quite the opposite. Luxus’s aluminium sliding doors have brilliant energy efficiency which could actually help to reduce your energy consumption and bills.

They also give superb sound insulation, ideal if you live within earshot of a busy main road (or have noisy neighbours).

And, unlike wood or uPVC, aluminium sliding doors are powder coated so you’ll have hundreds of colours to choose from.

Their strength and multi-point locking systems make them highly secure – think how relatively easy it can be to break into uPVC patio doors – which gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to a sense of safety and security.

Luxus Doors use the Supreme S650 Phos system which provides huge amounts of glass for large spans – the best glass to frame ratio on the market - with the frames just 25mm wide. This means they can open up the entire back of your house to your garden, bringing the outdoors indoors simply by just looking out in winter or opening your home to the outdoors in spring and summer. Our aluminium sliding doors can be as wide as you want them to be.

Anyone who has had aluminium sliding doors from Luxus would never want to go back to just French doors or normal patio doors. That sense of space, freedom and outlook has to be seen to be fully appreciated with aluminium sliding doors giving you the best possible sightlines.

Aluminium sliding doors are weatherproof … you won’t be mopping up little leaks as you may have to do now with uPVC or wooden doors which struggle to cope with the worst the British weather throws at them. Water will find the weakest spots on doors but with aluminium sliding doors there simply aren’t any weak spots. Their strength is, well, their incredible strength!

They also need no real maintenance to keep them looking brand new. All you need is a damp cloth now and then to give them a quick wash down. You’ll need to put a wood preservative on your wooden doors every couple of years or so to protect them and keep them looking decent.

Aluminium is environmentally friendly in that it can be recycled again and again. Recycling aluminium only costs around 5% of the energy needed to produce a door frame from scratch.

So, aluminium sliding doors are minimalist design with maximum visual impact both to look at and to see through.

In short, they are the ultimate in eye-catching practicality and the perfect improvement to grace any home or business.

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