10 reasons why aluminium doors are better than wood doors

Aluminium v wood … 10 reasons why aluminium doors are far better than wooden doors 

Wood may look like a great natural product for your doors and windows but it does have its drawbacks.

That’s why more people are opting for top quality aluminium doors, especially for homes and businesses in Huddersfield and the rest of Yorkshire which can face the worst of the not-so-great British weather.

At Luxus doors we supply and fit top quality aluminium doors – including patio and bi-folding doors - to houses and commercial properties across Huddersfield and Yorkshire.

So here are 10 reasons why you’re better off opting for aluminium when replacing those all-important entry points.

1.      Wood is vulnerable to changes in the weather so will expand and contract in the cold and heat and moisture can have a major impact. Once you reach winter many people suddenly realise they can’t close their wooden doors properly and their windows simply won’t budge so they stay shut until spring. Not want you want from your doors or windows. Aluminium means you can open your doors and windows effortlessly whenever you want, no problem, no hassle. Moisture has no effect on aluminium doors – they don’t expand, contract or warp.

2.      Aluminium is an ultra-strong material for doors and when powder coated will last for decades. It’s the strongest material on the market, except for steel, but wooden doors will deteriorate in a relatively short time by comparison and are vulnerable to rotting. Also be aware that not all wooden doors are the same. Slow growing hardwoods like oak are far tougher than fast growing softwoods like pine.


3.      Wooden doors need maintenance. You’ll need to spend hours sanding down, cleaning and then re-applying stain or a protective coat and that could be yearly – especially if you live in a harsh climate such as Yorkshire. Aluminium doors need hardly any maintenance – just a quick clean with a damp cloth to make them look like new again and perhaps a squirt of WD40 on the hinges once in a while.


4.      Aluminium doors can harness the very latest high technology to keep your home or business safe and secure. Aluminium doors from Huddersfield-based Luxus give you some great high-tech options such as fingerprint recognition and auto locking.


5.      Modern aluminium doors are exceptionally well insulated to keep the noise and the cold out.


6.      If you love the look of wood but want all the extra benefits aluminium provides then no problem as Luxus Doors can provide a wood grain effect aluminium door that appears like a solid wood door. How clever is that?


7.      Aluminium doors look a lot sleeker than wood. The frames are far thinner and not only look better, but will allow more light in. They also give you a better view looking out.


8.      Aluminium doors are about three times stronger than wooden doors which means a bespoke aluminium door can be made up to a 33% larger than a wooden one. There is a trend these days for bigger glazed front doors and side panels which means aluminium doors can be made wider and taller than other materials and triple glazed units will go in them.


9.      Aluminium doors are the ‘green door’ as they can be recycled again and again. Recycling aluminium only costs around 5% of the energy needed to manufacture a new door frame.


10.  You may have read in the past about aluminium doors being vulnerable to condensation, only available in silver and are in hardwood frames that need high maintenance. That’s a myth from another era. Aluminium doors are now better than wood in every way.

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