10 reasons why aluminium doors are better than uPVC Doors

Aluminium v uPVC … 10 reasons why aluminium doors are way superior to uPVC doors 

Millions of homes have uPVC doors but people are now realising that although plastic may be a cheaper option it’s not the best.

The secret’s out that aluminium doors are far better which may well sound the death knell for uPVC being the material of choice for external doors in the future.

At Luxus doors we supply top quality aluminium doors – including patio and bi-folding doors - to homes across Huddersfield and Yorkshire.

Here are 10 reasons why aluminium is way better than uPVC for all your external doors in Huddersfield, Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. 

  1. Aluminium is tough so aluminium doors don’t expand or contract in the heat and cold like uPVC doors. Many people don’t realise that uPVC reacts like this and who wants a door or window you can’t shut in extreme temperatures? After all, that’s when you want them to work best. Aluminium doors from Luxus won’t let you down and won’t swell, shrink or warp in wet or challenging weather conditions.
  2. Aluminium is exceptionally strong and when powder coated lasts for decades so your aluminium doors won’t peel, rust or discolour. Think of them lasting upwards of 40 years whereas uPVC will fade and eventually stain and crack after a while.
  3. Safety and security is paramount and you get that with aluminium doors while uPVC has a reputation of being reasonably easy to force by burglars. Aluminium is super strong and its strength is only surpassed by steel.
  4. Aluminium doors are designed to work well with the latest technology so Yorkshire-based Zenith Doors can include auto locking and even fingerprint recognition within your new aluminium doors.
  5. Modern aluminium doors have superior thermal and acoustic insulation to keep the cold and the noise out.
  6. uPVC doors look plastic because, well, they are plastic. Aluminium doors come in a huge range of modern designs and look classy, giving your home or business an instant wow factor.
  7. Aluminium doors are a lot sleeker than chunky uPVC doors. The frames are far thinner and are not only way better to look at but will let more light in if you have glass in the design. They’ll also give more of a view looking out.
  8. Aluminium doors are around three times stronger than uPVC doors so they can be made up to a third bigger. There is a trend these days for larger glazed front doors and side panels which means aluminium doors can be made wider and taller than other materials and triple glazed units will go in them.
  9. Aluminium is environmentally friendly in that it can be recycled again and again. Recycling aluminium only costs around 5% of the energy needed to produce a door frame from scratch.
  10. Forget all the myths you’ve read about aluminium doors being prone to condensation, only come in silver and are in hardwood frames that need high maintenance. That’s from another era. Aluminium doors are now superior to uPVC in every way and give that added luxury door feel.
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